Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is an emotion we all experience to some degree and it aids in engaging our brains and bodies to take action. Anxiety can help prepare our bodies to respond to a situation that requires physical responses, serve as a warning to activate our awareness levels and critical thinking skills and helps us to solve problems or service as a tool to self-correct.

Anxiety becomes a problem when an individual experiences excessive worry, fear or phobia about people, places and things. Severe, prolonged anxiety can result in an increase of physical illnesses such as headaches, weight gain and nausea. We all have times in our lives when we experience intense feelings of anxiety for prolonged periods of time. If treated, when symptoms are mild to moderate, they are easily mitigated and resolved.  Champion Minds therapists use modalities designed to assist you with mindful, logical, rational thinking resulting in symptom relief. Unfortunately, many sufferers of chronic anxiety do not reach out for help before symptoms are severe enough that individuals experience debilitating symptoms that affect their jobs and personal relationships.

Anxiety Treatment involves scheduling the initial appointment with an objective, licensed and experienced Champion Minds therapist who will take the time to listen and attend to your needs. The initial appointment will consist of an assessment of your presenting issue along with creating a roadmap that will assist you and your Champion Minds therapist in developing effective goals and objectives. Anxiety treatment is most effective when irrational thoughts and feelings are confronted directly and replaced with focus-oriented, rational and solution focused strategies. Champion Minds uses your strengths to promote your ability to stop the worry and start solving problems so you can move on with life.