Existential Depression Treatment

Depression is a persistence of symptoms, typically lasting two weeks or more. It is best described as low mood, decreased energy, loss of interest in pleasurable things, sleep disturbances, appetite changes and weight gain, low self esteem, irritability, hopelessness and suicidal thoughts. The National Institute of Mental Health reports in 2017, 7.1% of Americans experienced a major depressive episode and are highest among ages 18-25. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention also reports between 2013-2016, 8.1% of Americans ages 20+ also suffered a depressive episode. These statistics only reflect a portion of those who experience depression and there are many that suffer in silence, experiencing a worsening in symptoms. Depression that is left untreated leads to issues with work attendance and decrease in work performance, personal relationships and chronic health issues.

Depression affects men and women differently. Men are less likely to seek treatment or support due to feeling they may be perceived as weak or at risk of losing their masculinity. They are also at  an increased risk for substance use and isolation. Women are more likely to actively reach out for help and can experience additional challenges with depression and hormonal changes. Adolescence and young adults are also at risk for depression. If identified early on, it lessens the likelihood of developing more serious mental health issues.

Champion Minds has trained, experienced professionals who specialize in the latest researched based treatment methods with a focus on overall health and wellness. We offer a professional, personalized and confidential approach that provides each client the a comfortable and trustworthy therapeutic environment. Depression treatment is most effective with consistent implementation of individualized goals and objectives designed with the assistance of a Champion Minds Licensed Therapist. Clients will notice an improvement in symptoms in as little as four to six weeks. There’s no reason to suffer in silence when there are effective depression treatment options available to you. We want you to get you back on your feet and feeling better.